And how you can do it.

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Are you guilty, too? Were you ever caught? Hey, we did what we had to do at the time:

As children, we snuck a flashlight into the bed with us so we could read our books under the covers and secrecy of darkness.

As I child, I loved to read. I couldn’t bear to be separated from my books. I relished the cluster of words on my pages that transported me to different worlds and different people. …

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I am a warrior who is using her struggles to help others.

In case you haven’t heard, I am a freeloader, a leech, a burden on society, and a resource sponge who is too lazy to work.

Or so I’ve heard about those of us on Social Security Disability.

The Look of Disability

It’s okay. I’ve heard it all before. Even when I go to the doctor and the staff learn I have Medicare, I receive the once-over look, as if their gaze can ascertain if I’m really disabled and deserve Medicare.

But what does being disabled really look like? Do I have to have a limb missing or be confined to a wheelchair to prove…

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I stare at the blank screen before me as if the white space will offer me a rare way out of the anxiety that seizes me.

The more I try to reach for a new thought, the more the words recede from me.

So begins this article on writer’s block, the very malignancy with which I’m currently contending. The ideas of writing about my anxiety are forthcoming and stir in my mind, but the words stop cold in their tracks.

I don’t think I ask too much, just a word here or maybe a sentence there, anything to unravel the…

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“Comparison is the thief of joy.” ~ Theodore Roosevelt

Comparisons only break you; they never make you.” ~ Becca Hargis

I don’t remember when the comparisons to other people started, but I clearly remember asking my college English professor if anyone scored a higher grade on their English paper than I.

At least since then, everything in my life has become a comparison: who was the skinniest; who was the smartest; who won the most academic awards; who won the most professional awards; who won the most coaching awards; who had better content; who had more followers, subscribers, likes…

I am not one who likes to travel . . . anywhere. Foreign or domestic, travel does not appeal to me. I like to stay put where I know where my next Coca-Cola is coming from, and I know where I’m sleeping at night.

I tend to be a nervous person, so when you combine my frazzled nerves with exploring unknown places, it does not go smoothly for me.

This past summer was different for me. I challenged my status-quo and took a vacation to sunny Tampa, Florida. The results were unbelievable.

I learned some valuable life lessons that I…

I am anorexia

Menacing winds blow through my brittle bones.

A see-through sheet of thin skin cannot keep out the cold.

I hear the echo, echo, echo of the other girls in the halls, halls, halls,

Laughing, playing, living.

They are not me, and I am not them.

I am anorexia.

But I am not alone.

I feel the friendship of exhaustion,

The solace of nothingness,

The comfort of emptiness,

The refreshment of weightlessness,

And the forgiveness of hunger.

I know, I feel, I am

Fading into the blackness,

Dissolving into nothing,

Disappearing into silence.

I reach for a coherent…

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Photo by Cathryn Lavery on Unsplash

I would be lost without it. It goes everywhere I go. I learn my thoughts among its pages and find my words between its lines. There is no doubt, my journal is a treasure. Journaling has become my friend, a safe space, and a form of self-care. Journaling is my “me” time.

I have heard from so many people who wish they could consistently write in a journal, but they find themselves, after so many failed attempts, tossing the abandoned notebook into the corner closet along with the other half-attempted endeavors.

I have kept a journal or diary since I…

It takes talent to be an unpopular blogger, and that’s what I have become. It’s true. There is no room for doubt: my blog is just not popular. It’s not that I don’t enjoy blogging. There are at least 15 reasons why I love writing. But don’t be jealous. You, too, can be an unpopular blogger just like me if you accept the following 10 tongue-in-cheek suggestions on how to tank your blog.

Blogging Content Should Be Dull

Don’t get distracted by creative and innovative writing. Don’t try and showcase your writing ability by “turning a phrase.” Nobody wants to read that.

Make sure your…

From my eating-disordered self.

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Dear Body,

Come sit down beside me,
I promise I’ll not scold.
Please share with me your painful thoughts.
That have cut you to the bone.

I promise I will listen,
To how I’ve broken your tender heart,
When I told you how I hated you
As soon as my words could start.

I said I didn’t love you,
That you were never good enough,
And that no one else would love you
Because you’d never measure up.

I cursed you for your appearance
And your failures on the scale,
For your bumps, your lumps, your curves and swerves,
For a frame that…

Becca Hargis

I write because I breathe. I breathe because I write. I’m sometimes funny but always real.

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